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Cold Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Treatment

One of the truly unique characteristics of LLLT is that it has the ability to actually promote and enhance healing, not just treat symptoms. It is important that we understand how laser light accomplishes this function. In that understanding we need to realize that as pain is diminished and inflammation is reduced, the body’s ability to repair and heal itself will be evidenced. The irradiation by low-level laser light accelerates and enhances healing activities carried out by the body. Several of the unique characteristics of LLLT that work to alleviate pain and inflammation also play an important role in accelerating the healing process.


Multiple clinical studies have noted the following

results of LLT

Relief of acute and chronic pains

Increased collagen production

Enhanced nerve regeneration

Increased vasodilatation

Reduced inflammatory duration

Increased cell metabolism

Increased pain threshold

Increased cell membrane potential

Reduced edema magnitude

Increased microcirculation

Increased tissue and bone repair

Increased lymphatic response

Increased enzyme response

Increased speed, quality, and tensile strength of tissue repair


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